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We each have goals and they can constantly change or get lost along the way as we move through life. By getting to know you, together we discover the best way for you to walk the path YOU want to take. With my support, you will gleam what matters most and I will provide the needed insights and encouragement….injecting smiles and humor along the way.


Bloom with CK



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The dandelion is an extraordinary plant. When the plant goes to seed, the flower turns into a white puffball and many get great joy out of making a wish and blowing the seeds away. 

Dandelions have the ability to regrow time and time again after being mowed with a lawn mower because of their fat taproot system which allows the storage of enough energy to send up a new flower many times after the flower head is removed.

Symbolically this is a reminder to keep spreading your wishes and know that even during the hardest times, you will make it through!

Life is full of incredible challenges that affect our health and that of our loved ones.  Keeping the faith that true healing is possible can be difficult and maintaining the strength to believe is often next to impossible to do alone.  Many of us need the loving accompaniment of others to see and feel the power of healing energy.
The field of energy healing has been around for centuries in Eastern cultures and is becoming more mainstream on this side of the globe too.


Healing Together

What Are

Healing Circles?

Come together with loved ones and "hold space" for your intention or embrace the opportunity to do so for others in need.  As a community member, you can volunteer your time while also receiving the positive personal energy effect.

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